What is RTP?

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Whether you’ve been playing casino games both in brick-and-mortar establishments or casino websites for year or you are just starting to enjoy them you will have seen the term ‘RTP’. It is included in ever game review you will read and on most websites it will be included somewhere on the page you are playing from. But you might now fully understand what it is referring to, this should clear it all up for you.

What is RTP?

‘RTP’ is an acronym of the words Return to Player that refers to the percentage of money that is paid out from the money that goes into games at random. This will be displayed as a percentage of 100, an example would be a slot game with 95.7% RTP would pay out R$95.70 for every R$100 paid in. That is a simplified example however and the mechanics of the RTP often go further into decimal places.

Why is RTP so important?

What makes the RTP of a game so important tis that it proves a game is being honest about he odds of players winning from it. It is important never to gamble your money on a site or game that you cannot find the RTP for, if not how are you to know there are fair odds at wining? Because of this it is equally as important for casinos and websites to be able to prove they’re games are legitimate.

How does RTP work?

As mentioned, the RTP determines the money that is kept by gambling games and what is paid out, although the algorithm is much more complicated than it sounds. If the RTP is 96% that’s doesn’t not mean feeding the machine R$100 will guarantee a R$96 return, if this was the case nobody would gamble. There must be a chance that more money will come out than is put in, at the same time this wouldn’t be possible unless sometimes more is taken in. To further measure how a game will pay out check out its variance, this is normally between 1 and 10 with 1-4 being low, 5-6 being medium and 7-10 being high. A low variance will pay out small win often and a high variance will pay out big wins rarely, and anything in between is set accordingly.

How RTP Can Effect RNG

The way seemingly random features of games e.g., roulette wheels, reels, cards drawn are decided is by an RNG or Random Number Generator. This is high-tech software that generates a string of results at random form a starting result or ‘seed’. The ‘seed’ is the only thing decided by an outside party that influences the string of results which is created, this is how games RNG adheres to the intended RTP of the game.


Hopefully this feature has cleared up nay confusion around the RTP of games and how they work, you should be ready to go out and try these games for yourself now. If you are looking for a place to test out your new-found knowledge, then the affiliate sites we work with can be located from our online casino page. All of the sites come with reviews, star rating and great sign-up bonuses you can take advantage of when you join.