Table Tennis Betting

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Table tennis is one sport which doesn’t come to the forefront of your mind when you think of betting. Popular sports like football and rugby are more known for their betting opportunities. But table tennis is a very interesting sport for betting. The sport has grown in popularity over recent years and is a great watch during the Olympics and other tournaments. With singles and doubles, there are several opportunities for table tennis betting. The UK has its own table tennis team but it’s China who is known as the ones to beat for the sport. In fact, the top players such as Ma Long and Ding Ning who have won the World Champions and Olympics are both from China.

When to bet

You can bet on table tennis tournaments at any time but it’s a great sport for live betting as the action and score is often very changeable. Betters love how competitive it is and how it’s so fast-paced. It makes it much more interesting and exciting when you make a bet. Therefore, it’s worth betting as you watch the game live. A lot of channels will stream table tennis live for punters to watch and hopefully get some tips from the experts talking about the game. You can also bet from your local gambling house. Watch it live on the TVs in the store and make a bet as the game unfolds. You will find they will especially have table tennis on live during events such as the European games or the World Championship.

Betting online and what to bet on

You can also watch and bet online on gambling sites. You can watch a table tennis game live and bet on your phone or tablet while watching. This is exciting and fun to see how your online table tennis betting punt goes while the game is on. You might not know what you can exactly bet on when it comes to table tennis games. After all, it’s not just as simple as picking the winner. For starters, you might want to make a bet on who will be the first scorer in the game. You can often make a group bet for the first scorer of several table tennis matches to win big. You can also put a wager on who will get to a certain number of points in each game. For instance, you might want to bet on who will get to seven points first during a match. Of course, you can pick the winner of the game and if you are watching a tournament from the ITTF Pro Tour or even the World Cup, you can choose the overall winner of it all.

Research before betting

When it comes to betting on table tennis, you need to make sure you do research about players and their past games. You want to be in the know before making a bet on these types of games. It’s so important to think about whether it’s an important or less important game. After all, you might find surprise winners in lower rank tournaments. And remember to consider the style of player and the opponent before making the bet. After all, they might play differently when it comes to certain playing styles and opponents.