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Swimming is a growing sport and is something that almost everyone’s done in their lives. When growing up a lot of kids are encouraged to learn how to swim, and sometimes their talents are transformed into international swimming competitions. Like in any other major sporting events, such as football or athletics, swimming has gained a massive international viewership, and this means that there are plenty of betting markets available.

How do you do it?

You can take part in betting on swimming in exactly the same way as you would on football. By going online to a betting site, you can look for any swimming events that are on and place bets on a wide variety of the races that are taking place on the day. Typical betting markets apply, with the most common route being to bet on who you think will win the race, but alternative betting options can be available, such as predicting who will make their way on to the podium.

How do the odds work?

The odds in swimming events are just like those in any other sporting events. Those that are more likely to win, for example, if you were to put money on Michael Phelps in his heyday, will see far shorter odds and a significantly lower chance of high returns. On the other hand, if you think you’ve found a gem of an athlete that nobody has heard of, betting on them to win races is risky but could see huge rewards. You don’t need to be an expert to bet on swimming, but if you can get a good idea of some up and coming stars, you’re more likely to make better gains.

What swimming events can I bet on?

Swimming events can be harder to bet on than football or rugby for example, just because there are far fewer events taking place. However, if you find a time when a big competition is taking places, such as the World Championships or even the World Series of diving, there will be plenty of opportunities to find the races and events that interest you enough to have a bit of a flutter. There are sometimes even markets available for smaller regional or national events, but these can be less common, and it’s not advisable to rely on them.

What about the Olympics?

The Olympics is the biggest swimming tournament in the world, with millions of eyes on every single race. The much greater visibility of the event means that swimming betting is far more available, but also means that all the athletes you’ve been watching throughout the year come out to compete. Any rising stars and upcoming talent that you think has potential can be worth a bit of a bet, since the expertise gained through the year of online swimming betting means that you know the competitive landscape. By following swimming betting through the year, you give yourself a better opportunity to do better in future.