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Until recently it was not possible to legally bet on sports in Brazil. That was made easier when the former president Temer lifted a gambling ban that was long-lasting and has allowed the country to embark on the activity, a normal pastime that takes place regularly around the world.

Sports betting is part of the culture in other places around the world but that is not yet the case in Brazil, although more and more websites are becoming visible through the Brazilian Internet Service providers so that could all be about to change.

There have always been polemic discussions surrounding online sports betting in Brazil, but with moral barriers gradually decreasing, there is becoming more of an acceptance of the activity, helped by the realisation that it is possible to have a common-sense approach to the discipline, in the same way, other humans have it with things like food, alcohol and other possible vices.

Because of this, the only type of betting potential in Brazil in the past was the accumulator which was operated by the state. This often had poor odds and was extremely restrictive anyway so gambling hasn’t really taken off. That is beginning to change though with numbers of punters on the rise seemingly on a daily basis.

Signing up for an account

In order to partake in online sports betting, you will need to sign up for an account with a bookmaker. With Brazil about to undergo a gambling surge, more and more firms are going to allow operation in the country, but for now, the leading options are the likes of, and

All three cater for a wide number of depositing options, from the mainstream debit and credit cards to online wallets such as Neteller, Skrill or PayPal. Depending on how you deposit, there could be a minimum amount, but all three firms make it much easier to get involved in the sports betting phenomenon.

Understanding the odds

If you are going to indulge in sports betting then you simply have to understand the odds you are getting involved in. That isn’t to say that you need to be a mathematical genius or anything like that, but a basic understanding is required.

Once you have deposited it is now time to place a bet. When you go into a specific market you will be greeted with all the selections available and their odds. These will be displayed in decimal form, although in the UK they would be shown as a fraction. In order to work out your potential profit, you would need to multiply these odds by your stake.

If we are betting on a football match between Santos and Flamengo for example, and the odds for Santos were 2.00 and 4.00 for Flamengo and 3.00 for the draw, if we bet 10BRL on Santos we would get a return of 20BRL for a profit of 10BRL. The same stake on Flamengo would return 40BRL – 30 profit and it would be a 30BRL return on the draw, representing a 20BRL profit.

Serious punters would work out their own likelihood of an outcome occurring, and then match that up to the odds to see if they are getting value on their bets or not. There are many guides which explain how to do this.


The real advantage bettors in Brazil are going to have in the near future is the growth of the market bringing more firms into play. The more bookmakers that rock up, each carrying their own unique and special sign up offer, the better it is for the punter.

Firms will be trying to outdo each other to get you to sign up for an account with them, so the size of things like an initial deposit bonus, offered by near enough all bookmakers these days, will continually increase, while many of them will also provide better terms and conditions too as there will be a real frenzy in trying to get you to play on their portals.

For guides on all the best promotions, offers and special deals, make sure you check out our relevant pages, as well as our review pages to make sure the firms you are signing up to are 100% responsible and good for you.