Online Slot Games

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You don’t have to travel to a casino to experience the fast-paced entertainment of slot machines. The internet and constant advances in technology have brought the casino straight to your hands on any number of devices, and online slot games have quickly become one of the most diverse and popular types of online casino games. With free slots available to test your bets and get to know the games first, online slots are always fun and always offering something new.

Working just like a real-life casino slot machine, when the button is pushed, three or more reels spin and form winning or losing combinations. The number of playable reels can vary depending on each game, with some games not even having any, but you’ll usually find three to five as standard.

If you’re looking to take risks and win big, some slot games offer an exciting, progressive jackpot that can be in the thousands or even the millions. If you’re not betting big, there are still the classic jackpots and smaller wins to enjoy across a huge variety of games. No matter how you want to play, every slot machine has its own paytable explaining the rules of that particular game. Be responsible, understand the paytable and try the free slots before playing with real money.

Types of Slot Games

All slot games look the same to the untrained eye, but there are three basic types of online slots, each with different gameplay: classic slots, progressive jackpot slots and video slots.

The closest thing to the well-loved fruit machines, classic slots are online slot machines with 3-reels that are traditional, simple and fun. Often working to a standard paytable, these games are easy to understand and uncomplicated to play with potentially big payouts. There is a huge range of classic slot games to choose from, some with interesting and powerful new features that really bring this definitive game style into the 21st century.

Progressive jackpot slots are a big risk, high stake games that incorporate a network of online casinos. As anyone bets on a particular progressive slot, a portion of the bet is taken and added to the total, increasing the jackpot until one lucky winner takes it all. The winnings can be in the hundreds, thousands or millions! Sometimes there are multiple jackpots in varying amounts and sometimes the win is completely random, but most commonly the jackpot is snatched by a bonus game or simply hitting the winning combination.

Whilst progressive jackpots are exciting and dramatic, they can also be easily addictive, so make sure to bet and play responsibly.

Video slots are hugely popular versions of online slots with frequent new game releases and many more chances to win with special features such as Free Spins. Very modern and more exciting, these games come with at least 5 reels and potentially infinite pay lines. Paylines are most often fixed, but some online slots allow bets on a certain number of pay lines too and don’t be surprised to see online slots offering, even more, pay lines during those thrilling special features. Video slots also fluctuate in risk from low to high, affecting how often you win, so always check the paytable carefully before playing.

No matter what type of online slot you’re playing, make sure to check the paytable on every game and take advantage of the free online slots to get to know the game first by testing your bets!

Top Online Slots

The world of online slots is constantly changing with new games almost every day, so there is fierce competition to be the best game out there.

Some of the most popular current games include Wheel of Fortune, Titans of the Sun and Samba Brazil. If you’re looking for something fun and historic, Avalon II is another crowd favourite and is known to have big payouts, whilst Wizard of Oz plays on the classic tale and offers something a little more whimsical.

There are hundreds of different online slot games available in all of the different game types. With so many different themes and paytables available, there is something for everyone to enjoy.