Judo: Everything You Need To Know

Judo Man

Judo, also known as Judô, is a Japanese martial art that has been around from as early as the 1100s. It is recognised as an Olympic sport and will be included at the 2020 Olympics alongside sports like athletics, gymnastics, rowing etc.

History Of Judô

The evolution of jujutsu began in the 1100s when samurais were taught to fight unarmed. This martial art eventually split into many different styles and was largely forgotten by the 1800’s as a result of Samurai rule ending around 1868. However, one man prevented this Japanese martial arts extinction- Jigoro Kano (credited with bringing Judo to life).

Kano did not yet know how influential he would be in the martial arts world. He was just a 17-year-old apprentice learning Jujutsu from Master Yanosuke Fukuda. At age 21, Kano combined all of his knowledge and created what we now call Judo — the most well-known Martial Arts around. But this is where it gets really interesting: as soon as Kano opened up his first dojo with 9 students (little knowing that they were some of the very first to practice), word spread like wildfire about this new style because these people had never seen anything quite like it before!

Judo is not only a descendant of Jujutsu but also its most refined form. With roots that can be traced back to Sumo – one of oldest recorded forms alive today and still practiced competitively worldwide – it has become more than just a sport; it is an integral part of life for many people living there.

The Spread Of Judô

In 1889, Jigoro Kano travelled to Europe with the intention of spreading his martial art Judo around the world. After years abroad and many successful demonstrations on all continents, in 1964 at Tokyo Olympics this ancient Japanese discipline was recognised as an Olympic sport for first time.

There are now over 180 countries that are members of the International Judo Federation. Judo has grown very popular over Europe and the rest of the world, with France being very competitive.

Judô In Brazil

As the most popular martial art in Brazil, Judo has been practiced there since 1914. The first evidence of it being a part of Brazilian culture can be traced back to that year and have spawned another notable fighting style by combining with Jiu-Jitsu: Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. The governing body for competitive Judo is Confederação Brasileira de Júdo (CBJ) who are also responsible for overseeing all competitions involving this sport within its borders.

Judo has not lost popularity due to the creation of Jiu-Jitsu. This is evidenced by Rio de Janeiro hosting the Fourth Edition of World Judo Championships, as well as Sarah Menezes winning a gold medal in London at 2012 Olympics Games.

Betting On Judô

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Judo is a sport that has been around for centuries and it’s clear to see the popularity of Judo in Brazil isn’t fading anytime soon. There’s no denying we are lucky to have such professional organizations like CBJ, which help promote this amazing art form.