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Although judo has been around in the UK for over a century, holding the oldest dojo in Europe, it has never been so popular in Britain. Past Olympic wins have put judo to the front of public opinion, and the amount of people doing judo has been rising significantly. Aside from just taking part in judo, other aspects of the sport have prospered too. First amongst these is betting on judo.

How do you do it?

Betting on judo is just as simple as betting on a sport such as tennis or football. You pick which match you might want to bet on, and you’ll be able to bet on whoever you think is most likely to win. It’s just as simple as any other sport, and if you have a good eye for judo talent then claiming your winnings is an easy enough process. The only issue when betting on judo is that events are less common than in other sports, so if there are no available markets, you may need to try a time when a major event is on.

How do the odds work?

Like any other sport. If you’ve previously betted on any other sporting events you’ll know exactly how the odds work. As in other events, betting on big stars and Olympians like Travis Stevens will often give you lower odds, but if you can find a hidden gem and they win, you could make significant returns.

What judo events can I bet on?

Betting on judo only really springs to life in the times of major events. In events such as the Paris or Tokyo Grand Slam, hundreds of competitors come together in the search of one prize, and such prestigious events draw the eye of betting markets around the world. Major International Judo Federation events often draw this attention, and IJF World Tour events are always likely to have available markets. On top of major international events, some national or even regional competitions may have markets open, although this is far less likely and far from guaranteed.

What about the Olympics?

The Olympics are a special case for the majority of world sports, as they offer a great opportunity to showcase the sport for future generations to get involved. The massive audiences also draw betting websites, as a wider range of options opens up for punters. Rather than just predicting who you think will win, betters are able to put money on the nationality of the winner, and even the rest of the medalists. Where other tournaments have limited markets, the Olympics draws a greater level of flexibility and allows betters to be a little bit more adventurous with their bets.

2020 is going to be a big year for judo, and if you’re interested in putting money on who will do well there’s no better site to visit than Brazil Casinos, where we have a wide range of markets available for a variety of sports, meaning that no matter where your interest lies, you can make great winnings on the best odds available.