How To Play Roulette For Beginners

Roulette Wheel

By an ironic twist of fate, the Roulette table was created entirely by chance when a French mathematician and inventor was attempting to create a perpetual motion machine in the mid-1960’s. The table grew in popularity during the 1700’s and when it was brought over to America in the mid 1800’s 0’s were added that gave the house a bigger advantage, they became common place and now you can play Roulette in casino’s, Bookies or anywhere on your computer or mobile device.

How To Play Roulette

Part of what has made this game of chance so popular is the simplicity of how to play roulette, bets are placed across the 36-number board and on other bets like Odd or Even, Red or black. The wheel is spun, and the ball added, when it slows down the ball lands on a specific number and colour after which all coinciding bets are paid.

Betting On Roulette

Bets are able to be placed on individual numbers, the middle of 2 or 4 numbers as well as 1 of 3 columns or dozens and Odd or Even or Red or Black. You can see there is a lot of choice available in this game, here are the payouts.

  • Number – choosing a single number from 1-36, (35/1).
  • Corner – betting in the middle of 4 numbers, (8/1).
  • Middle – betting between 2 numbers (18/1)>
  • Column – Betting on 1 of 3 columns of numbers, (2/1).
  • Dozen – Betting on 1 of 3 dozen that make up the numbers, (2/1).
  • Odd/Even – Betting whether the number will be Odd or Even (1/1).
  • Red/Black – Betting on whether the number will be red or black (1/1).

Online Roulette

In the current climate with many casinos unable to open due to restrictions involved with the Coronavirus pandemic more and more players are finding roulette online. This boom in traffic has led to numerous online casino sites opening offering a great roulette experience. You can choose to play live roulette games with dealers to make the experience more genuine or play online roulette playing at your own pace and placing bets as high or low as you want.

Where To Play Roulette

Both live and online roulette are available from the affiliate sites you can find at our online casinos page, this page includes reviews and star-ratings for each of these sites helping you to decide which one to use. All of the starting bonuses available from these sites are also displayed, these will help you get he most from your gaming experience with offers like 100% of your first deposit back to play with and free spin son top slot games. For more information on these generous bonuses read through our understanding casino bonus page.

Whilst enjoying these sites and having fun playing roulette, please remember to gamble responsibly.