How To Play Online Slots

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Slots are potentially the most popular of casino-style games that are widely used across online gambling platforms. This is down to the simplicity of online slots, the enjoyable gameplay features and pleasing visuals on display along with the seemingly endless range of game available. Inexperienced players to the online gambling market or fans of sports betting and table games may be wondering how to be on online slots, well hopefully this feature will be of help.

History Of Online Slots

Prior to online slots a long history of gambling mechanism spans back to the late 1800’s where a public house machine used 5 drums to deal a hand with winnings combinations rewarding cigars or drinks at the bar. From here games developed until in 1964 the first electromechanical machine was used in which the reels were spun automatically offering a pay-out up to 500 coins. The first slot with a bonus round was released in 1996 by WMS Industries, this was the last significant advancement in slot game to what they are today. Now online versions of these popular games are rapidly growing in popularity because of venues closing due to the Covid pandemic with more plenty of new games being released every year.

How To Play Slots Online

Playing slots online is very simple, just like the original versions that have been used throughout history it all starts with a spin, this turns the reels that land on random symbols. It is these symbols that players can hope to land simultaneously to make winning combinations, different symbols have different values so the return can vary; check out the paytable of each game before you play. Along with cash prizes modern slots include bonus features that can be unlocked by symbols, these will provide free spins, bonus games and more often than not the most rewarding pay-out available.

Modern slots include many game features that are included to make play even easier and more enjoyable. There is the option to change the coin value, bet stake, number of paylines, number of spins and even quick spins that cancel out the visual features of each spin. To get more experience with slots before you stake money, why not try out our Free Play Slots or check out our Top 5 Free Slot games.

Online Slots Information

When looking to enjoy one of the millions of online slots available it is important to always use a website that is safe. The online casino license should be visible on site proving the legitimacy of these sites, similar to this always check out the RTP of a game before playing, some games can be manipulated to cut the players chances of winning.

Where to play Online Slots

Now that you know a bit more about online slots why not browse through the sites we work with at our Online Casinos page. These come with reviews, star-ratings and the best casino bonuses available helping you to decide where your money is best spent.