Sugar Pop

Sugar Pop is an outstanding online 3D slot game powered by Betsoft. The game comes in a candy theme with the main playing goal being seeing candy symbols line up together for the creation of clusters of the same symbols. With the slot game being level-based, gamers enjoy a continuous and changing game action instead of a repetitive one, hence creating a unique and interactive experience for gamers.

Sugar Pop Slots Overview

Unlike traditional slots games, Sugar Pop features cascading reels and multiple levels. Notably, Sugar Pop comes as a 5-reel and 5-row slot game offering two hundred and forty-three paylines. The slot game also features uniquely detailed symbols complemented by an entertaining audio-visual atmosphere. Winning in Sugar Pop is not based on betting on a payline but on the outcome after pressing the play button.

Gamers enjoy winnings courtesy of the candy clusters, with the littlest win made of three symbols of a kind connecting vertically or horizontally. As you progress through levels, new symbols which hold special effects appear. Super colour symbols are formed when four similar icons combine offering a gamer a ×2 multiplier. When five or more similar icons combine, they make up a colour bomb symbol which makes every icon identical to them explode.

Gamers will require to wager a minimum of 2 cents and a maximum of €250, giving them a chance to win a jackpot of 5,000 coins.

Why Play Sugar Pop Slot Game

Sugar Pop is among slot games which offer high and frequent returns to the lucky winners. The game is characterized by an RTP of 97.6%, low volatility, and many bonus rounds in the game. Through the aforementioned players are guaranteed to win if luck favours them.

Additionally, the slot game’s appearance has won its approval by most of the online slots games players. Sugar Pop offers a great candy theme which through great animations, and graphics make the game’s 3D symbols are so vivid and visually interesting.

Symbols and Slot Bonuses in Sugar Pop

Sugar Pop is known to come with symbols of different taste and significance. Notably, there are two types of symbols in the Sugar Pop slot game, including regular candies and special candies. Red, green, blue, orange, yellow, and pink candies fill the regular candy box where winnings are made when three or more similar candies pop after combining, hence the name ‘Sugar Pop.’

The game’s special candies are available at different levels of the game. Unlocking higher levels of the game means unlocking new special symbols or candies. Each of the special symbols come with different significance and winnings after a collision. Some of the special candies include Candy Cane, Jelly Beans, Gumdrop, Lollipop, and White Chocolate.

The notable slot bonus in Sugar Pop is the Bonus Pattern. Bonus round games are activated when gamers exploding candies in the bonus pattern indicated position to the left of their reels. An additional 600 points are awarded towards the gamer’s score after clearing the bonus pattern. Gamers can also enjoy the Level Up feature as one of the bonus features.

If you wish to enter the world of sugary delights through video slots gaming, then Sugar Pop has got you covered. Although Sugar Pop lacks a progressive jackpot, the game offers frequent winnings courtesy of its low volatility. Enjoy Sugar Pop at your preferred online casino for an entertaining gaming experience by the rapid action of the cascading reels and a chance to make some easy winnings.