Chronos Joker

When it comes to reviewing a Play ‘N Go slot game, you come to expect a few things; great bonus features, a well-designed background, reels and symbols. The Chronos Joker slot game is no different in that regard as it looks splendid and is lot of fun to bet on. In this review we will describe some of the basics that players need know like how play the game or make most from feature bonuses offered by them during free spins round. We will also look at the RTP (Return to player of this slot.


The Chronos Joker slot is a three row and three reel game, with just five pay lines. The minimum bet is R$0.05 however this can go up to R$100 for more experienced gamblers who know what they’re doing!

As usual in slots, the idea of the game is to match either three, four or five symbols across the reels. The lower value symbols include some traditional fruits such as grapes and cherries while high-valued items are linked to Chronos Joker himself who in mythology was a personification of time. For example, he’s seen on images with hourglasses and wrist watches – which coincidentally have high values when you get them matched up on slots!

Bonus Features

It wouldn’t be a Play ‘N Go title if there weren’t some top bonus features involved in this Chronos Joker slot game. The eponymous Joker is the wild symbol, which will replace all other symbols on the reels to help players make winning combinations. Landing three of these will result in an x16 payout! Land stacks of identical symbols and you’ll activate the Re-spin feature.

The multipliers of future, past and present are triggered depending on which multiplier was initially landed. Future spins occur at a x2 multiplier with each subsequent re-spin potentially increasing to a x10, will continue until players get a win. Spins of the present are gained on a x3, x4 or x5 multiplier and spins of the past on a x10 multiplier however this multiplier will go down in consecutive spins to x2 until a win is reached.


The RTP (Return to Player) is 96.54% which is above average for these types of games. This means that on average if you play with R$100 then you will return R$96.54, with that being said there is still the potential to land some nice wins on Chorons Joker.


The Chronos Joker slot feature bonuses really make this slot stand out, but it is also a very attractive game which is easy to get into.

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