Alkemors Tower

Experience engaging game play, gorgeous graphics, and the opportunity to get your hands on some super lucrative prizes when you try out Alkemors Tower today! Embrace the magic of another realm and allow yourself to be transported to a land where anything is possible, and winning is just a part of the amazing experience!

Why Choose Alkemors Tower Slot Game?

The time has come for you to meet someone useful: introducing Alkemor! The undisputed star of the show, Alkemor is an extremely powerful wizard, whose job is to guide you on your journey to victory. He will accompany and assist you, casing the major elemental spells – earth, air, fire and water – as you take a risk and spin the wheel – but can he help you to achieve the very best prizes? Stunning graphics and innovative animations help pull this game together and generate an immersive and exciting world to lose yourself in. Combined with suitably mystical music for an experience which truly draws you in, you will soon find yourself totally captivated by the world created, and the theme is expressed in everything from the overall aesthetic to the creative characters, and stays consistent right down to the crucial symbols which offer the key to your success.

Deals in Alkemors Slot Game

As expected, magic is the major currency in Aklemors world, and the bonuses focus around this. In order to win, players will need to line up spell books on the first two reels, and the third place must be given to an elemental symbol. The nature of this element determines which spell will be triggered; water generates a huge wave, and this transforms all symbols and elements on the second, third, fourth and fifth reels to Wild cards – anything can happen! If the element is earth, the ground beneath your feet will start to tremble, and meteors crash from the sky, as wild cards appear and are destroyed at random. Seeing Air means a tornado is en route, and this blows the other symbols off the map, bringing a host of Wild Cards in its wake, and the inclusion of Fire sees you surrounded by raining fireballs – this transforms the game into a series of Wild Cards – whether you win or lose is entirely up to fate! Free spins are another tempting treat, and these can be gained if you match a vine-clad tome with two spellbooks, which sees a reward of 15 freebies. A banner-wrapped book with two spellbooks is also a cause for celebration, offering another 15 bonus spins. The ‘Double Up’ feature also allows you to gamble your winnings; a toss of the coin can double your prizes, or send them hurtling into oblivion – proceed with caution!

Embrace the Magic of Alkemors

Take a chance and immerse yourself in a fantasy world full of endless potential, and a host of tempting deals. Leave your fate up to the elements as you rely on Alkemor’s guidance, and you could find yourself cashing in on some magical prizes in no time!