Formula 1 Betting

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Getting the best out of Formula 1 betting

It may at first seem that online betting tends to be dominated by football. The reason that many people think this is because of all the huge sponsorship deals that the sport attracts. It certainly makes a big splash and doesn’t seem to leave much room for Formula 1 betting.

But there is one place in particular where betting on Formula One is catching on fast, and that is in Brazil. It all goes back of course to the days of a certain Mt Fittiplaldi and the iconic F1 driver, Ayrton Senna. The thrills and spills (and tragedy) that the Senna name conjures up are all very real and Brazilian racing fans are now taking up online Formula 1 betting in their droves.

The UK is another market where betting on Formula One is on the increase — hardly surprising, considering the heroics being shown by Lewis Hamilton. But if you are an ardent follower of Formula 1, isn’t it about time you started profiteering from your passion and knowledge? Not sure how? Okay, let us explain.

The odds on Formula One betting

As with any form of betting, the odds with betting on Formula One dictate the size of the win. If the odds for young Mr Hamilton to win a specific Grand Prix are 2.50 and you lay on a bet of £100, you will win £250 if Hamilton is the first to take the chequered flag.

First timer?

If you haven’t visited a sportsbook before, all you need to do is to find the menu for the various sports on the website and go to F1. You will be taken to a page that shows all the various odds. Just click on the appropriate small tick-box, and you will be shown how much you could win. If you wish to place the bet, just click the right button to confirm the wager.

During the F1 season, you might find that the sport has been suppressed. This is done in order to optimise the menu display so the sportsbook you are on can show you the odds for lots of events across many different sports.

The online F1 betting markets

The most appropriate markets in F1 betting tend to be the most obvious ones. For example, the drivers and constructors category or who is going to win the next GP.

But there are many other more interesting options too. For example, which are the three drivers that will end up on the podium when the Grand Prix is over? Who will the top six drivers be for the next Grand Prix?

There are other choices too in terms of betting on Formula One. They have all been created to stir your interest, keep you entertained and to give you the chance of profiting from any knowledge you may have about less prominent drivers outside of the Mercedes, Ferrari or RBR camps.

Diversify your Formula 1 betting

Okay, the opportunities for online F1 betting may be little further apart than some might like, but such is the F1 calendar. However, to balance that, the F1 market is still quite diverse, allowing you to place lots of different bets based on your knowledge of the sport.

It may be difficult to keep entertained exclusively with F1 betting as the GPs aren’t that numerous. Still, the sport is an excellent market to diversify your bets and profit out of specific knowledge and passion for that sport.