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In almost every football league in the world, there is at least one club that is sponsored by betting companies. Football betting has increased in popularity, in part, thanks to unethical cases of match-fixing now being non-existent, as a result of the introduction of severe rules for those who breach them. Before placing your first bet, check out these basic rules for betting on football.

Online football betting: basic rules

Match length

A match is 90 playing minutes plus added time. Under normal bets, extra time is not considered. The scope of halftime bets is 45 minutes plus injury time determined by the referee.


All online football betting sites refer to the scoreboard for final scores. If a team scores an own-goal, it is credited to the opponent’s side.

Home, away and neutral venues

The first team displayed is always the home team (H) while the second team is the away team (A). Matches that take place in neutral venues have a letter at the end, usually ‘N’, although this can vary.

Minor games

Men’s senior team matches are listed without an indicator, e.g. the USA vs Spain. However, all women and youth games are indicated. For example, women’s games have the letter ‘W’ at the end e.g. Ghana W Vs Brazil W. All national team and club youth games are denoted by the category of players like U21, U19, U18 or the word ‘youth’ at the end of the club/country name.

Basic types of bets

1X2/1X2 FT

This bet is the final score at the end of the 90 minutes plus injury time. If you want to bet that the home team will win, you choose 1. For a draw, you choose X. For an away team win, you choose 2. If the selections appear vertically, the team on top is the home team, and if the selections are arranged horizontally, the team on the left is the home team.

1X2 HT

This option takes care of halftime scores for home, draw or away wins in that order.


Online football betting sites have detailed selections to meet the maximum options in a given game. The halftime-full-time selections have some categories like the outcome, number of goals and correct score. Below is a breakdown of the selections.

HT/FT outcomes

If you can predict the outcome by the halftime break and at the end of the match, this is your selection.

  • 1/1: Home win at halftime and the whole match
  • X/X: Draw at halftime and full-time
  • 2/2: Away team win at halftime and full-time
  • 1/X: Home win at halftime and draw at full-time
  • X/1: Draw at halftime and home win at full-time
  • 2/X: Away win at halftime and draw at full-time
  • 1/2: Home win at halftime and away win at full time
  • X/2: Draw at halftime and away win at full-time
  • 2/X: Away team win at halftime and draw at full-time

HT/FT correct score

This selection has predictions for the scoreline at halftime and full-time. For example, a prediction of a 0-0 halftime score followed by 2-0 at full-time is presented as 0-0/2-0.